About Us

Sports Investments

Welcome to The Wager Solution. You have made choice to further your sports investments knowledge. Definitely, you have come to the right place to make that possible. Being part of the WAGER TEAM doesn’t just mean we will provide investment plays every day. However, we also teach betting strategies, sports investment opportunities, bankroll management, how to maximize profits on winning streaks and how to cut loses on cold streaks. As any experience sports investor knows hot streaks, and cold streaks, will happen it is part of the game. The objective is to profit over the course of a season. The best of the best hit somewhere between around 57-58% of their plays. Anyone who will tell you otherwise is just uneducated or blatantly up lying.


We take the time and have the resources available to make the best-educated decisions.


Our team find the value in odds/lines and make an educated investment in a sporting event.


We wait for the outcome of our investment and rake in the profits of educated sports investing.

We Provide Realistic Sports investments opportunities

Do not believe anyone who tells you put 100-1,000 units on one game. They do not maintain sports investments system, also not realistic. In this game, your bankroll is your lifeline. Accordingly, we teach you how to properly manage your bankroll with the purchase of any of our packages! We have packages for all seasons. Whether it be NFL, NBA, MLB, Soccer, College Football, College Basketball we have a package for any sport you may be interested in. Please take a look at our packages. Moreover, the services The Wager Team provides, will not disappoint you.
The Wager Team not only offers you sports investment advice, but we also provide sports investment opportunities to generate income for the average person not interested in sports investing. We have a referral program in place that gives a very generous payout for any referrals. Once your referral purchases a package from the Wagerteam.com you will receive a percentage of that package.

Handicapping FAQ

The Wager Solution has proved as profitable handicapping sports investor.  We have been in the business for years but recently gained a great and loyal following on Instagram and Twitter.  Many clients have signed up for our free packages to gain our trust when we first started and we did not let them down!  After about a year of giving out free plays and providing plenty of people plenty of profits, we started charging. However, Our sports handicapping services have proven results time and time again, even most free subscribers had no problem paying.

Best sports handicapping services

As outlined in our package, proper Bankroll and Money Management is more than half the battle and if you can be disciplined in doing so you are already a winning player.

• Bankroll management is the key to success
• Never play with investments you cannot afford.
• As always, all plays are 1unit unless otherwise stated.
• The ? MAX? plays are 3units which would be 3x your average play size.
• Any play should be NO MORE than 5-8% of your bankroll.

Who is The Wager Solution?

The Wager Solution is a sports investing company with top rated sports handicappers which shows subscribers and clients the road to profitable sports investing over the long term.

What packages do you offer?

We have email based subscription packages for all major sports. NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, MLB, NHL and Soccer.

Which sport is your most profitable?

Please check my results page(link to results page) all my stats are posted and broken down in the simplest form.  We are 100% transparent and have nothing to hide because we will be profitable in the long term.

How will i receive your packages?

All packages are sent out via email.  They are usually sent out 1-2 hours before the first game on the card. They are sometimes sent earlier depending on the time of certain games, but I try to give clients plenty of time to get their plays locked and loaded.

How can I purchase my package?

You can purchase a package on our package page.  We are always running promotions to make the packages affordable and as always there is no commitment.  If you are unhappy with the service for any reason you can cancel your service anytime by going to the Moon Clerk player portal.

What payment options do you have?

All payments are processed via Moonclerk.com They are a world recognized company and are backed by Stripe.  Feel free to do your own due diligence on the company, but we can assure you there 100% legit and we have never had a problem with them.  Paypal is also be accepted on our package page.